3 full days of phenomenal music: Class time with award winning instructors, jams with friends and teachers, concerts with professional and novice musicians.

NW Strings Camp

August 1-4, 2017

Northwest Strings Camp is dedicated to providing outstanding musical instruction for students of piano, fiddle, cello and guitar. The camp emphasizes ear training and traditional non-written music, passed directly from teacher to student. The Voetberg family, with the generous help of Bethel School of the Arts, are excited to offer a variety of skilled teachers, a thoughtful class schedule and an inspiring musical experience for all camp participants. Many different styles and genres will be introduced to students including; Boogie-Woogie, swing, jazz, Texas, celtic and bluegrass. Instructors include National Fiddle Champions as well as Grammy Award Winners.  This camp is for children and adults, beginners and advanced and those in between who may want to pull their instrument out of retirement and refresh. Come experience good music, relationships, laughs, food and more!